India Needs to Eradicate Sea Blindness
Ashish Kumar IAS
Littoral Reefer Cargo India 2019 Seminar.

BY Tiya Chatterji 11.Nov.2019

‘Most of the people have a vague idea about shipping industry in India. Very few people actually know that 90 % of the cargo in the world moves through the sea’, said Mr. Ashish Kumar in the seminar conducted by Littoral communications. This seminar was commenced on the 25th of October on the topic of Littoral Reefer Cargo India 2019. The Event was hosted at Hotel Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai. Mr. Ashish Kumar Singh, IAS, principal secretary Ports and Transportation, Maharashtra, was the chief guest of the event and expressed his views on the role played by Shipping Industry in the growth of the Indian economy. He also shed light on the scope of reefer cargo and how India needs to pace up to match the global standards.

The seminar focused on the very important aspect of the future of cargo shipping which will be replaced by the existing bulk cargo; such as steel, coal, oil and gas. The expanding Indian population is expected to reach 1.5 billion by 2050; which will lead to a humungous demand for food and in turn highlight the importance of reefer cargo. There is also a massive need to eliminate the sea blindness of the Indian masses and enable integration of the people to understand the importance of sea and its contribution in the economy of the country.

India needs to learn from its past and as history has its records, knowledge of the sea led to the British rule us for 200 years. We need to look for global inferences and enhance ourselves. Reefer cargo along with food also has potential for transportation of flowers, with a big question of technologies that shall be used to help organic products stay fresh while transportation on hinterland is electrified. This innovative ideology also needs to cater to the aspect of carbon emission and work on its effective mitigation, said Mr. Ashish Kumar.

The welcome speech was delivered by Mr. Raja Vaiz, Managing director of Littoral Communications. Versatile aspects of Reefer Cargo were discussed by the four speakers. The first speaker Mr. Shankar Iyer, Director at Swiss World Cargo spoke about the importance of Reefer in the Pharmaceutical Industry. The next speaker Rajakumar Naik, Deputy Director at MPEDA, followed by Mehernosh Shroff, Managing Director of Seaworthy Shipping Services, opined about the Cargo Insurance and Exporters Safety. The final speaker, Ms. Lavina Kriplani, Advocate, delivered her thoughts about Cargo Insurance risks and claims. The vote of thanks was extended by the General, Manager of Littoral Communications; Ms. Chandrika Pujari. The moderator for the event was Mr. D.K. Singh, a veteran naval officer.