India's Re-election at IMO Opens Avenues; Littoral Wind Exclusive Colloquy with Amitabh Kumar, DG Shipping

BY Tiya Chatterji 2.Dec.2019

At the recent IMO council held, India has been re-elected to the Council of the International Maritime Organization under the category B that represents nations with the largest interests in international sea borne trade.

In an exclusive colloquy with Amitabh Kumar I.R.S. Director General shipping , also present at the event expressed his perspective on India being re -elected with second highest votes. "IMO in the next two years will be regulating on several important arenas like autonomous vessels, cyber security, risk assessment, cleaning of oceans , reduction on the single use plastic so on and so forth. They would also be regulating on latest technology including new battery technology, alternative fuel sources etc. It is now important that India not only participates in such meetings but also takes into account the concerns of the lesser developed and developing nations. we would be using this opportunity to firstly; leverage the new technology and the associated benefits from them, secondly, to protect the interests of the seafarers who may be impacted by this technology. To also find ways to reorient them and retrain them to be able to prove relevant to the new technology and space and to ensure their general well being", said Amitabh Kumar.

"IMO is a body where safety of navigation security and the environmental protection are considered. We contribute to all these 3 aims of IMO. Once IMO legislates on any subject, the industry steers towards that direction. It is important that our industry is geared towards the new technology pertaining to our shipbuilding, ship designing ,ship Construction and manpower. Everything should be oriented towards technology. Once the debate starts at IMO, it is important that at the domestic level also , we start discussing these issues and find solutions to the problems IMO is looking at", DG shipping.

India has been one of the earliest members of the IMO and having ratified its convention and joined it as a member-state in the year 1959.