Second Officer of Thalassa Patris Goes Missing in Indian Ocean

BY Tiya Chatterji 28.Nov.2019

In an inexplicable incident the relatives of a Second Officer of mega container ship THALASSA PATRIS are trying to find out the 24-year old. Vladislav Maslov boarded the ship in Singapore on Nov 18, the ship left Singapore on Nov 19, according to Mediterranean Services 2(MD) schedule, ETA Suez Dec 2.

He was declared missing at around 2000 UTC Nov 22, when the ship was sailing in the Indian ocean E of Colombo, Sri Lanka. His family was unable to contact him since Nov 22 while the company contacted the relatives at around 0800 UTC Nov 23. The seaman’s sister Eugenia in her statement reported that the ship kept sailing and didn’t interrupt her voyage and there was no SAR.

But the authorities deny of any such claims. According to the ship’s track, THALASSA PATRIS turned back at around 0700 UTC Nov 23, sailed back to a position where most plausibly the seaman went overboard, and searched the area from 1830 UTC Nov 23 until around 0130 UTC Nov 24. It resumed sailing at 0144 UTC at a reduced speed and moving in legs for around 8 hours, meaning she was still engaged in SAR.

The ship resumed voyage full speed at around 1115 UTC Nov 24. As of now, there’s no trace of foul play or cover-up attempts.