Mumbai to Host First Ever Jewellery Expo on a Cruise Ship

BY Tiya Chatterji january 7, 2020

In a distinctive event, a four-day jewellery exhibition will be held on `Karnika’, the luxury cruise from January 6. It is lauded as the `first-ever jewellery exhibition in the world to be held on a cruise ship’, the event is part of the Mumbai Port Trust and Indian Ports Association’s bid to promote cruise tourism and attract cruise ships and tourists.

The top moguls of the jewellery industry worldwide are expected to attend the exhibition, a strictly business-to-business event, where modern, chic as well as traditional jewellery will be on display.

“This is the first time in the world probably, that such a jewellery exhibition is being held on a cruise ship and it’s a sign of things to come, that many more new things can be done on cruise ships.

The cruise business itself is developing very fast. In fact, in Mumbai in 2017-18, we got 40 cruise calls at the Mumbai Port; in 2018-19, we got 100, and in this current year they are projected to be around 250 cruise calls,” said Sanjay Bhatia, Chairman, Mumbai Port Trust.

“Many steps have been taken by the Mumbai Port Trust and the Government of India to attract cruise ships and tourists. Ports are building cruise terminals and other associated infrastructure. Immigration has allowed radical dispensations by implementing e-visa, e-landing cards and biometric exemption for cruise passengers,” Bhatia added.