Maersk Announces Digital Ajunct to Target Co2 Emission Reduction

BY Tiya Chatterji january 8, 2020

Maersk Tankers has set in motion a new standalone digital business aimed at reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and optimizing vessels’ earnings across the tramp shipping sector.

The yet to be named business will develop and sell the software product SimBunker to vessel owners and managers in the tramp shipping industry. According to Maersk, SimBunker optimizes vessels’ bunker spend, which can account for up to 60% of the total voyage costs, by determining optimal solutions for factors such as speed, bunker purchase and route. The software product was developed within Maersk Tankers and will now be spun off into the new digital business, along with its related customer base.

“Through significant and strategic investment, we have established Maersk Tankers as the digital frontrunner in the tanker industry. Digitization will enhance customer and partner experience, transform our business and contribute to a more efficient operation, benefitting both sustainability and profitability. This becomes increasingly important at a time when the shipping industry must adapt to take its share in solving complex challenges posed by climate change and new regulatory requirements. With the new set-up, we will be able to accelerate our digital strategy,” says Christian M. Ingerslev, Chief Executive Officer of Maersk Tankers.

“The shipping industry has an enormous potential for digitization, especially in commercial and technical areas. As a standalone business, we will be able to accelerate this development. We will be working with players across the industry to optimize pool partners’ bunker spend, using large data sets and analytics. We are confident that such collaboration and digital measures are instrumental in putting the industry on a path to greener growth,” says Meyer.

Maersk Tankers will retain a digital team in-house to develop existing products and bring new digital ideas, led by Peter Schroder, Chief Digital Officer.