32 lives lost in a Ferry collision in Bangladesh

By Nithya Solomon, June 30, 2020

The vessel, Morning Bird collided with another ferry in the Buriganga river near Sardarghat, Bangladesh’s largest river port. According to reports, the collision happened when the ferry tried to anchor at Sardarghat, which is one of the main ports used to travel south. The ferry was carrying 50 passengers travelling from the centre of the country out of which 32 have died and the rest are missing.

Out of the total bodies recovered, 3 were children and 8 were women. Many passengers were found to be stuck in cabins after the collision.  One of the navy divers informed that the vessel was lying about 60-70 ft below the water surface on the riverbed. About 18 passengers are still reported as missing.

The vessel sank within 20 seconds of the collision with the bigger vessel Mayur-2. As the word about the accident spread, more than 100 people gathered at the site. Family members of the missing passengers hired boats to look for them.

Most shipyards and ports in the country maintain safety standards much below the prescribed level.